POSTED: 29 NOVEMBER 2008 - 11:30am HST

A Letter for Governor Lingle

image above: Detail of portait of Queen Julia Kapiolani (1834-1899)

by Mark Jeffers on 26 November 2008

Governor Lingle needs to re-think her decision to sell our land for the simple reason that she does not own the land she intends to sell. As our elected official she is in authority to hold the land in trust for our future generations, period.

The idea that the State of Hawaii owns land to be sold is neither true nor just.
When native lands are recognized for their value it has been the policy of the US Government to find ways to relocate and even sterilize the Natives who live on those lands. The useless treaties and failed programs are hundreds of years in the making.

Why should Hawaiians still suffer the results of those actions done by those Americans who commandeered the lands of Hawaii? Especially because they are still trying for the sovereignty by law that was once their by right. If we consider that the Hawaiian culture has been oppressed continually from the start of the occupation of the American government, it becomes difficult to try to talk about justice in terms of land use.

Hawaiians say they do not derive their sovereignty from this government. They shouldn’t have to; they don’t want to. In the United Nations Charter it says nobody shall be made a citizen against their own will.

Because there are not enough Hawaiians to defend themselves, they are not very strong when facing our absolute majority, and that’s really unfair.

Governor Lingle, We should not sell our host culture's land and you should work harder to bring about the fair and just use of those lands for the benefit of our Hawaiian people now and for the times ahead.

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