POSTED: 1 DECEMBER 2007 - 4:00pm HST

Kauai District Meetings

image above: Key Plan of Kauai Planning Districts. Click on plan for 10meg PDF file

by Juan Wilson on 1 December 2007 Revision 2.1 071204

On October 13th 2007 the Kauai Eco-Roundtable hosted the LEGS Sustainability Conference held for two days at Kauai Community College. I presented a Land Use Plan that was designed to encourage sustainable farming practices. For a report on my presentation see Island Breath: TGI#16 Land Use Plan.

The plan included the division of Kauai's traditional moku into seven districts that surrounded each major population center.

District #1 Kona West: Waimea; District #2 Kona Central: Hanapepe; District #3 Kona East: Koloa; District #4 Puna South: Lihue; District #5 Puna North: Kapaa
District #6 Koolau: Kilauea; District #7 Halelea: Hanalei.

The districting proposal included the idea that the seven districts should be represented at the County Council and that each district should have its major population center include the preponderance of services needed to conduct county and state business.

Moreover, the idea would be that each district would be, to the degree possible, a self supporting bio region capable of at least feeding itself. From what we know, that is how the Polynesians were able to sustain themselves on this island for centuries... perhaps a millennia.

The districting proposal was carried over to the quarterly Eco-Roundtable Meeting on November 13th at the Peace & Freedom Convention Hall in Lihue. The agenda was to follow up on the LEGS meeting proposals.

For the first part of the meeting people divided into groups by subject matter they were interested in: Water Management, Public Transportation, Energy, Housing etc.

Towards end of the meeting people regrouped by which district they were in. A database of contact within each district was collected. Maps for each district were presented. Individual District issues were discussed. It was suggested that groups plan follow up meetings in their respective districts.

The attending members of three Kona Districts decided to have a joint meeting on Wednesday November 28th at the Storybook Theatre. Issues discussed included

1) Hanapepe & Waimea Levee erosion due to County negligence
2) Overdevelopment and ensuing problems in Koloa-Poipu Area
3) GMO, pesticide and military problems in Kekaha-Waimea area

Follow up meeting in separate districts are scheduled for December 12th at 6pm.

Note: Click on District name for 4meg PDF file of that plan:

District #1 Kona West:

contact Diana Labedz at 808-337-9977
(meeting to be announced)

District #2 Kona Central:
contact Juan Wilson at 808-335-0733
Storybook Theatre, Hanapepe - 12 December 2007 at 6:00pm

District #3 Kona East:

contact Mary Stone at 808-332-7447
after January 1st (location to be announced)

District #4 Puna South:
contact David Ward at 808-651-5618

District #5 Puna North:
Jonathan Jay at 808-634-3390
time and place to be announced

District #6 Koolau:
contact Keone Kealoha at 808-828-0685
Malama Kauai, 4270-A Kilauea Road

District #7 Halelea:
contact Stacy Sproat-Beck at 808-639-1815
Waipa Foundation, Waipa Valley

Stay tuned for updates on District meeting plans.