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Degrowing the Economy

The one way to avoid the catastrophe we find ourselves in the midst of.

Into the Cold and Dark

The life which emerges from this maelstrom won't look like life today.

The Path We Take

Turn left in 300 feet ... turn left ... turn left... rerouting...rerouting... rerouting.

Run the Economy on the Weather

Adjusting energy demand to supply makes renewable energy realistic.

Puerto Rico is our future

What's sustainable and resilient with increasing disasters of all kinds.

The Terror of Deep Time

t's vital for humans understand the small but significant part we can play.

Truth about Military Recruiting

Military recruiters don't tell the whole truth. Help us complete the picture.

Reject Neofeudalism for Feudalism

Neofeudalism not Feudalism2.0. It's state-corporate indentured servitude.

Grid Beam is Minecraft for real life

Grid Beam is like a LEGO set for grownups who want to build real things.

How (not) to run on renewables

How will we be able to rely on renewable power to operate our society.

13 Years of Permaculture

Video of what 13 years of permaculture can do to the place you live. 

Systemic uncertainty, meet fragility

It will only be revealed when multiple storms push things past the limit.

No more half-measures

McKibbon's solution is 100% renewables 'As fast as humanly possible'.

Back to the Future

The place to start looking for solutions is history not some techno-future. 

The wisdom around us

Societies healthy and happy with little waste, government or energy need.

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Island Breath is an online publication dedicated to people interested in the well being of the island of Kauai.  For us sustainability is crucial.

Kauai is often called the "Garden Island". It is lush and fruitful - yet threatened. If this island cannot be self-sustaining there is little hope for the rest of this world.

We define sustainability as:

• Using nonrenewable resources no faster than they are recycled.

• Using renewable resources no faster than they are regrown.

• Restoring the variety and balance of living species.

• Enhancing the art and knowledge of human cultures.

Sustainability is not, however, a means for the continuing the status quo.

We have named our website “Island Breath” or “Breath of the Island” because in Hawaiian that phrase would be...

“Ea O Ka `Aina”

"The Spirit, Life and Sovereignty of the Land”

In fact, for many years the motto of Hawaii has been...

"Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka `Aina I Ka Pono"

"Sovereinty of the Land
is Perpetuated in Righteousness"

There will be focus on...

Peace •
Environment • Justice • Regionalism • Activism • Culture

In the relation to...

Industrialism • Militarism • Corporatism • Collapse • Peak Oil • Climate Change

We invite articles submitted by our readers.You can add an article (subject to editorial approval) by emailing what you want to say to one of our staff.

Email us by clicking on a staff member name at top of this column.