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Hawaii Universal Healthcare Plan

Bill considers universal healthcare coverage.  Deadline  tomorrow  3/27!

Ecovillage Rescuing Los Angeles

Transforming it into a traffic-calmed and car-restricted place with fruit trees.

Chemical farming is unsustainable

Why poison ourselves when pesticides use doesn't yield more crops?

Hawaii Dairy Farm permits revoked

Judge Valenciano revokes all HDF permits/approvals dairy in Mahaulepu.

Park City, Utah, is damned!

Park City can't have a thriving tourist economy AND a livable planet.

Deep State authority crumbles

Deep State is fracturing because its stories no longer align with evidence.

The future will be battery powered

Battery technologies are pushing ahead, quietly and without much fanfare.

Climate Change does not care

Opinions are immaterial. How do we learn the value of reciprocity with Nature?

Arctic methane "May be apocalyptic"

Increasesmethane emissions likely - catastrophic emissions can't be ruled out.

Collapse of Pacific Salmon run

Fukushima nuclear meltdowns continue to reverberate across the Pacific.

Ninth Ward fights freeway

New Orleans plans traffic onto new interstate path thru the neighborhood.

Apartheid Israel Report

If you doubt Israel is guilty of the crime of apartheid, read the UN report.

Defund Militarism

Dismantle Trump's Murder Budget by refusing to fund perpetual war.

Corporate monster Monsanto

Getting control of the world's food system has so far been successful. 

When Truth becomes a threat

If you tell the truth in USA it may be Fake News and you might be a traitor.

Ending energy-related CO2 possible

Renewables need to account for the majority of power generation in 2050. 

See film "Okinawa: The Aftermath

Okinawans stand out for the ferocity of their opposition to US military.

Beyond Wetiko Agriculure

Saving our soil by supporting the organisms that are the foundation of life.

Saving Small Scale Farming

Trump's flyover country could be key to rural prosperity and resurgence.

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Island Breath is an online publication dedicated to people interested in the well being of the island of Kauai.  For us sustainability is crucial.

Kauai is often called the "Garden Island". It is lush and fruitful - yet threatened. If this island cannot be self-sustaining there is little hope for the rest of this world.

We define sustainability as:

• Using nonrenewable resources no faster than they are recycled.

• Using renewable resources no faster than they are regrown.

• Restoring the variety and balance of living species.

• Enhancing the art and knowledge of human cultures.

Sustainability is not, however, a means for the continuing the status quo.

We have named our website “Island Breath” or “Breath of the Island” because in Hawaiian that phrase would be...

“Ea O Ka `Aina”

"The Spirit, Life and Sovereignty of the Land”

In fact, for many years the motto of Hawaii has been...

"Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka `Aina I Ka Pono"

"Sovereinty of the Land
is Perpetuated in Righteousness"

There will be focus on...

Peace •
Environment • Justice • Regionalism • Activism • Culture

In the relation to...

Industrialism • Militarism • Corporatism • Collapse • Peak Oil • Climate Change

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