POSTED: 16 NOVEMBER 2007 - 7:00am HST

Video of attack by “ITT security” near PMRF

video above: video of ITT security confronting and manhandling Kauai resident.

This is raw un-edited footage of an Attack by ITT and Pacific Missile Range Facility security on a videorgraphy teacher of youths in watersports activities outside the base property. Since Mr. Sato was video taping the youths body boarding for a show, he wanted lifestyle video footage for their library so he started to video tape the security personnel outside the PMRF base.

This looked like another activity the Pacific Missile Range Facility uses to acquire more land outside the base property.

Any activity by base personnel outside the base could have been conducted WITHIN the base property. By using public land it demonstrates their intention to take more land from the local citizens of Kauai.



POSTED: 15 NOVEMBER 2007 - 11:00am HST

Assault by ITT security guards near PMRF

image above: logo of the ITT corporation is reminiscent of the swatzstika

by Andy Parx on 16 November  2007 for the Parx News Network

(PNN) -- Video confirms Bob Sato’s charges of assault and battery and terroristic threatening. against an armed ITT security guard last Wednesday. Sato was cited by police for disorderly conduct..

The video shows an easily identifiable ITT guard wrestling with and threatening Sato, followed by an apparent struggle for the spinning camera before the other eight armed forces intervened.

Sato was apparently aware that there was a rifle range on the mauka side of the dune but at first the guards only asked Sato to go and Sato asked a PMRF security uniformed officer why he had to leave a public beach.

Suddenly an ITT security guard came over and started to threaten Sato over the taping he was doing.

“So what, you guys going to get shot” the guard said as Sato continued to tape, Then he attacked Sato.

Sato can be heard to say “I’m going to leave” but, although the assault stopped momentarily, it then continued, camera spinning, obscenities flying the guard attempting to seize the camera.

As the assault continued the ITT guard threatened Sato who said “let go of my camera” repeatedly with the assailant saying “I’ll throw it in the water... put that camera away or I’ll broke um”.

After the physical fracas was over the verbal one continued.

The PRMF officer can be heard asking Bob to leave, which he was apparently doing although still taping. The officer kept stressing Sato was “just fighting the government” Sato stressed his “free speech” right to continue taping.

The assailant kept threatening Sato and finally Sato said he would put the video on TV in response to a question from the assailant. The ITT security man made a final apparently terroristic threat against Sato.

“What- you threatening me?” he said. When Sato reiterated his right to tape on public property saying the assailant had already grabbed him by the neck with the camera, with a full frame video capture of his face the man said “Don’t come up in my face cause I going grab you and it’s going be broken”

TV producer attacked by ITT Security near PMRF
by Andy Parx on 14 November  2007 for the Parx News Network

(PNN) -- Popular Kaua`i kids’-sports TV producer Robert “Bob” Sato was accosted today in Mana by eight gun-toting ITT-uniformed individuals and had his camera ruined while setting up for a shoot for a surfing program..

The incident occurred about 9 a.m. on an off-Navy base beach, just mauka of the race track.

Sato said he called the police to report the incident and later in the day was ticketed for “disturbing the peace” at his house.

Sato says the ITT personnel said they were there doing “target practice” by shooting into the ocean and demanded he leave. Sato says he told them he was working on his program filming water sports with children.

Sato says when he said he wouldn’t leave and started taping the leader of the group yelled “I’m gonna throw that camera in the ocean”. Sato says he was then physically accosted by the “ITT-security” labeled polo-shirted brigade and his camera was torn from his hands with concurrent repeated demands to “:gimme the tape... gimme the tape”

Sato says he did however recover the tape and expects to play it on his regular program “Foundations of the Future For Youth” on Kaua`i public access Channel 52 “within a week . . . if not in a few days,”

The clip is also awaiting posting on U-Tube although Sato says he “needs help” to post the already digitized and filed footage of the assault. .

After reporting the event to Kaua`i Police Sato says he went home and kept calling KPD. So did ITT according to Sato’s telephone conversations with the police. Finally when an officer did arrive to, what Sato thought, take his report he says he was “read my rights” and then, not arrested but given a ticket for “disturbing the peace” .

The police officer, Sato says, would not listen to anything he had to say, he processed Sato and left.

Sato has a court date for December 14th, 2007.

Sato can be reached at Bob Sato

ITT and the Kaua`i County Spokesperson were not available for comment at press time.

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