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Panama Fishing Postcards

by Juan Wilson

This is for those of you who fish the spring streams, creeks, ponds and lakes of Chautauqua County. We know it's never too early to start thinking and equiping yourtself for the coming season.

Mid Winter Walk

by Juan Wilson

The images in this article are from a walk my wife, Linda, and I took near our home in Panama, New York on Saturday, January 29th, 2000.

The Group of Seven Era

by Juan Wilson

The Group of Seven were painters living in Toronto who first exhibited together in the spring of 1920 at the Art Gallery of Toronto. These artists were Franklin Charmichael, Lawren Harris, A.Y. Jackson, Frank Johnson, Arthur Lismer, J.E.H. macDonald, and F.H. Varley. This group of Canadian artists captured the natural beauty of the Canadian wilderness almost a century ago. Many examples of their work can now be seen in Toronto at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Early Spring in Panama

by Juan Wilson

These images were taken as part of a series documenting the weather from an upstairts window of my house in Panama, New York. An old black and white CCTV camera (like a security camera) was hooked up to a 1987 vintage Amiga 2000 Computer. A single image was scanned into the computer every day for about six months. The results for Bud are published below at about a quarter of their original size.

Chautauqua Watershed

by Juan Wilson and Linda Pascatore

A watershed is the area of land from which rainfall will drain into a particular body of water. It is a more natural and ecologically based way of looking at a region than county lines or political districts. This series deals with the watershed of Chautauqua Lake in western New York. We traveled around the boundaries of the watershed and took photographs which were scanned into Photoshop and manipulated. We also wrote a haiku-like poem and description of the site for each picture. The idea for this project grew out of our involvement in the Chautauqua Greens. Our friend Bruce Michaels suggested the Greens take a tour to "circumnavigate our watershed." The thirty-three images in the series are available below for viewing.

Postcards From The Rust Belt

by Juan Wilson and David Tidquist

Another tour of the past through postcards. This time it's about the musical scene in Jamestown, NY, in recent years, when it was cool to play all night in a bar for $5 admission.

Turn of The Century in Dunkirk

by Juan Wilson

A few postcards written to my grandmother in 1906 show the city of Dunkirk at a time when Victorian architecture and opulent landscaping flourished.

A Cautionary Tale

story and images by David Tidquist

David Tidquist is longtime resident of Jamestown, New York. He is a music producer and artist who is has a unique gift with a piece of paper, a 2B pencil and many uninterrupted hours during the long winter nights of the Southern Tier.

Greek Revival in Harmony

by Virginia Wilson

Virginia Wilson passed away in August of 1999. She had been a long time resident of the Chautauqua area. Her parents were educators who grew up in Panama, New York at the turn of the last century. Virginia was always interested in the Greek Revival architecture of western New York.