POSTED: 18 JUNE 2008 - 4:00pm EST

TGI #32: Kauai Publishing - "You're Fired!"

image above: A portrait of Donald Trump. The man who tied to trademark the phrase "You're Fired!"

Normally this column scheduled to appear every other Saturday in the Forum of Kauai Garden Island News editorial page. Not so anymore.

by Juan Wilson on 18 June 2008 Revision 1.0 080618

It seems that two back to back articles looking at the Kauai Police force is too much for the Garden Island to handle. On June 16th, while working on the column for the paper I received this email.

Subject: No more columns
Date: June 16, 2008 10:12:49 pm EDT


I hate to inform you, but Kauai Publishing Co. is dropping your Island Breath column effective immediately.

Adam Harju, editor
The Garden Island
(808)245-3681 ext.227

So, I've been fired. No more Island Breath columns will be published in the Garden Island News. I'm not really surprised. In fact I was surprised they published many that were submitted. In my opinion the message of the column was too radical for limp wristed Kauai Publishing to be advocating.

I was delighted to have the platform while it lasted. There is no broader a voice on the island. But all was not roses over the last 15 months. The paper chose to not publish three controversial articles on schedule. Those articles had to be "toned down" or "more fully verified" before getting a green light.

One thing seems clear to me. The TGI is more nervous about offending the Kauai Police Force (and attending sycophants) than facing off with the County Council or State Governor. The paper also seems willing to be critical of the Superferry Corporation and GMO companies, while fearing to even making a suggestion to our local police department.

After the first article on the Kauai Police Vision I received a phone call from the paper's editor, Adam Harju. He asked whether I would be writing about the police department again. I was not sure and said so. Adam ended the conversation with "Well it's up to you". I guess it was.

On this debacle there were some who acted without dignity or courage. But to all of you who were supportive and enjoyed the column, I can only say thanks. And to those who vigorously argued with me on differences over the issues, again I say thanks. That's why I wrote the column.


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