POSTED: 28 OCTOBER 2007 - 1:30pm HST

It's not all bad news!

image above: Detail of the "Candyland" board game

by Juan Wilson on 28 October 2007

I know, I know. This website is a real downer. It paints a gloomy picture that is just too nasty to contemplate. You might ask;

Why not report the good news?

Why can't I just live Green and live a good life?

Won't a hybred in the driveway and some solar voltaics on the roof do the trick?

The answer to those questions are that what is required of us at this moment is to look into the gaping maw - see our fate - and act on that knowledge.

It is interesting to me that we are at the cusp of so many solutions to problems just as the problems mount. It seems being poised on the edge is part of the condition of our time. That means that if enough of us lean one way or another, big consequences may follow. Let's lean the way we want things to go.

The future will require profound changes in our lives. It is not just a matter of adjustment. The system is busted and we are going to live in its aftermath whether we like it or not. Our actions as the whole shebang fails will determine what follows in some significant ways. 

Our actions will help determine how fair the future will be. How painful the transition will be. How fast we can get back on our feet. For that matter, it may even affect who survives; who does not survive.

Accepting the change is an important part of surviving it. Embracing it an important part of thriving in it. Boiling it all down to its simplest I get this:

• Get out of your car.
• Turn off your TV.
• Start living in your neighborhood.
• Good things will follow.

This website will continue to report on the dark side of 'The Big Picture", but always with the understanding that we can deal with what comes and make the best of it.

Here on Kauai we are an easily isolated experiment in the human condition. We are at a nexus of geopolitical strategy. Our performance through the coming changes will be disproportionately important.

Be brave, resourceful and pono.

In the meantime, as long as I see smoke and flames pouring out the windows, I'll try to save some momentos of our old home.