POSTED: 13 NOVEMBER 2007 - 7:30am HST

HI Superferry: Sustainability on Kauai?

image above: Kaheawa Wind Power Project on Maui uses 20 of GE's 1.5-megawatt wind turbines.
Photo by Christie Wilson - Honolulu Advertiser

by Brad Parsons on 12 November 2007 in

I was inspired a number of weeks ago when I watched the HoikeTV video of a lady named Puala'a speaking forcefully to Gov. Linda Lingle on Kauai. Puala'a was listing off things that Kauai wants instead of a Superferry.

As I recall they included:

1. No Superferry on Kauai until an EIS is completed.
2. No GMO's on Kauai.
3. More sustainable local agriculture on Kauai.
4. Slow down and control unsustainable residential development on Kauai.
5. Solar panels on the roofs of all county and state buildings on Kauai.
6. Wind power on Kauai, "harness the makani," I believe she said.

With Hawaiian mixed in her intelligent speech it struck me as almost the perfect statement on where the grassroots movement could go on Kauai. Puala'a and her son were two of the intellectuals who got into the water of Nawiliwili Harbor back in August 2007.

A few weeks later I was watching a show on Wind Power on one of the educational channels, National Geographic I think it was, and one of the locations they covered is an island in the North Atlantic where the island gets 100% of its energy needs from a windmill farm in which the population on the island are owners/shareholders.

That show reminded me of Puala'a's statement to the Governor. I did not take down the name of that island, but I did do a little research below on the state of windmill farms on islands around the world. I pass it along in hope that it helps.

Wind Power on Kauai:

Wind Power on Outer Islands:


Wind Power in NZ:

Wind Power Globally: