POSTED: 10 JULY 2007 - 6:00am HST

Maluia - Waimea Canyon Middle School

Image above: Like a prehistoric monster looking for it's prey, a chemical sprayer works it's way
towards a building of classrooms on Waimea Canyon Middle School campus.

In the Hawaiian language Maluia means "peaceful passage". Maluia-WCMS is a coalition of Waimea Canyon Middle School staff, parents and community members concerned with the use of pesticide/herbicide, and the agriculture of GMO crops on lands adjacent WCMS campus.

Maluia-WCMS was formed in response to a complete failure of public agencies responsible for the regulation, monitoring, and protection of the public’s health and welfare in relation to pesticide/herbicide use on agricultural lands adjacent WCMS campus.

Our mission is to present opinions with supporting documentation that state agencies have acted in an extemporaneous, insufficient, negligent manner in investigating multiple incidents of pesticide/herbicide exposure on WCMS campus. In addition Maluia-WCMS seeks legislative action creating strict guidelines including liability for pesticide/herbicide misuse and negative health effects as a result of G.M.O agriculture.

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This blog was created as a community forum and database to provide information about incidents of pesticide/herbicide exposure to Waimea students/staff and community as well as the adverse health effects of GMO agriculture.


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