Election Options: Tuesday, November 7th

5 Novmeber 2006 - 1:30 pm HST

Election Information
The General Election is Tuesday, November 7th
submitted by Linda Pascatore & Juan Wilson

Note, we have not made recommendations on all contests. We hope to make recommendations on the Board of Elections and Office of Hawaiian Affairs shortly. The picks we have made have an asterisk ( * )and are emphasized in size.

Changing as we go!
The picks we make are going to be subject to change as we get a better understanding of ramifications and implications of the vote ahead. The selections below are as we see things at 7:30 on 30 October 2006. We have recently endosed Bill De Costa for council based on his answers to qiestionaires from the League of Women Voters and he Kauai Sierra Club.

Gary Hooser helped us understand the amendment #1 on the ballot related to selecting regents. Voting "yes" will keep some hacks and political appointments from the regents board.

We'd like to thank Ray Chuan and Jonathan Jay for contributing to the opinions on these issues, particularly the County Charter Amendment Proposals.

It should be noted that besides proposal 2 (term limits) and proposals 12 &13 (to reduce in signatures from 20% to 5% of the eligible voters for a citizen's initiative or recall) the fifteen items pushed at the voter to decide seem designed to consolidate power for the mayor and council. Our advice is to push in the other direction.

Election Dates:
October 24 to November 4: General Election Early Voting at Historic County Building in Lihue

October 31: Last day to request absentee mail ballots for the General Election

November 7: General Election: 7am to 7pm, bring ID

To locate your polling place, call 241-6350 or go to:

Look for the League of Women Voter’s Kauai County Voter Guide in a pull-out insert October 27th in Kauai Island News/Honolulu Advertiser.

We appreciate the excellent information provided by the League of Women Voters, phone 246-2111:

Candidates for Kauai:
Abbreviations: Democrat (D), Libertarian (L), Republican (R), Nonpartison (N), Nonpartisan Special (NS). Links under names are submitted profiles and statements submitted by candidate.

US Senator:
Akaka, Daniel K. (D) *
(because of his votes against the Iraq War and Patriot Act, and his generally progressive views)
Mallan, Lloyd Jeffrey (L)
Thielen, Cynthia (R)

US Representative: Congressional District II Kauai:
Hirono, Mazie K. (D) *
(because of her views on the environment and sustainability, education, the Iraq War, and civil liberties)
Hogue, Bob (R)

Governor of Hawaii:
Brewer, Jim (G)
(many good things to be said for the Green philosophy except "electability")
Daniel, Ozell (L)
Iwase, Randy (D) *
(because we oppose Lingle and he stands against the Superferry)
Lingle, Linda (R)

Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii:
Aiona, James R, Jr (Duke) (R)
Ing, Reneee (G)
Solomon, Malama (D) *
(Iwase's Democratic running mate)
Zhao, Li (L)

State Representative, District 15 (Central Kauai):
Agor, Ron (R)
Tokioka, James Kunane (D) *

District 16 (West Kauai and Niihau):
Georgi, Joannne S. (R)
Sagum, Roland D., III (D)

County of Kauai: Councilmember
(Non-Partisan Race,You May Vote for as many as Seven):
Anderson, George H.
Asing, Bill (Kaipo)
Bynum, Tim *
(because of the good projects he has worked on for all on Kauai)
De Costa, Bill D. *
(because of his strong stand for the environment and against development)
Fang, Ming
(sharp mind on the right track with taxes and open government)
Furfaro, Jay
Iseri-Carvalho, Shaylene C.
(many friends fell she is an good councilperson with a sharp mind)
Kaauwai, Joseph H.
Kaneshiro, Daryl W.
Kouchi, Ronald
Lum, K. C. *
(because of his support of a moratorium on development and open government)
Rapozo, Mel
(Ray Chuan and others think he is independant and practical)
Richman, Monroe F.
Yukimura, JoAnn A.
(our favorite Kauai politician--a wise steward who plans for future sustainability)

State Board of Education
No Kauai Candidates this election

Office of Hawaiian Affairs

At Large:
Vote for 3
Akana, Rowena M. Noelani
Anderson, Whitney T.
Beirne, D. Ululani
Benham, Roy L. (Ilikea)
Boyd, Manu *
Danner, Robin Puanani
Harbottle, Newton D.
Kalima, Leona Mapuana *
Kanehele, Dennis (Bumpy)*
(strong Hawaiian sovereignty candidate interested in susainability)
Lyman, Melissa M. Guerreiro
Meyers, Willy (Kealakahi)
(no statement submitted)S
Stender, Oswald K. (Oz)
Waihe’e, John IV
Youngquist, Arvid Tadao

(no statement submitted)

Island of Maui:Vote for 1; all state residents may vote
Mossman, Boyd Poki
Feiteira, Blossom *

Island of Oahu: Vote for 1; all state residents may vote
Burke, Jackie Kahookele
(strong Hawaiian sovereignty candidate)
Carpenter, Dante Keala
Heen, Walter Meheula *
(on Gary Hoosier's recommendation)

(no statement submitted)

Hew Len, D. Kehaulani
Kawelo Frankie Kay
(no statement submitted)
Na'auao, S. Kau'i
Reynolds, M. Kapiolani
(no statement submitted)

For an excellent objective summary of the pros and cons of the proposed amendments, see the League of Women Voter’s of Hawaii information:

Amendments to the State Constitution
Proposed by the Twenty-Third Legislature

1.  Shall the governor be required to select board of regents candidates from a pool of qualified candidates screened and proposed by a candidate advisory council for the board of regents of the University of Hawaii as provided by law?

YES* (Gary Hooser says this will get us better qualified regents)

2.  Shall the Constitution be amended to provide for a salary commission to review and recommend salaries for justices, judges, state legislators, the governor, the lieutenant governor, the administrative director of the State, state department heads or executive officers of the executive departments, and the deputies or assistants to department heads of the executive departments, excluding the superintendent of education and the president of the University of Hawaii?

3.  Shall the mandatory retirement age of seventy for all state court justices and judges be repealed?

4.   Shall the Constitution of the State of Hawaii be amended to provide that in continuous sexual assault crimes against minors younger than fourteen years of age, the legislature may define:
(1)   What behavior constitutes a continuing course of conduct; and
(2)   What constitutes the jury unanimity that is required for a conviction?
A unanimous jury verdict is a cornerstone of our justice system)

5.   Shall the State be authorized to issue special purpose revenue bonds and use the proceeds from the bonds to assist agricultural enterprises serving important agricultural lands?

(Looks like special tax breaks to big agri-business)

Ballot Amendments to the County Charter of Kauai
Link to PDF file of proposed Charter Amendments

Proposal 1) Department of Parks & Recreation
Shall the parks and recreation function, which is currently performed by divisions of the Offices of Community Assistance and the Department of Public Works, be instead performed by a newly-created Department of Parks and Recreation?

(Parks and Recreation is important, and warrants a separate department)

2) Council Term Limits

Shall the term of office for councilmember be limited to four consecutive elected two-year terms beginning with the 2008 election?
(Let's curb the incumbent edge and give outsiders a chance)

Proposal 3) Council Districting
Effective 2008, shall three of the seven council members be elected by districts, with one member residing in an elected from each of three districts that shall be established by an apportionment commission to be appointed in 2007, and four of the seven council members elected at-large, and shall 2011 and every tenth year thereafter be a reapportionment year?
(Too little to late, but better than nothing)

Proposal 4: Charter Commission for Next Ten Years
Shall the Charter Commission, which is currently formed every ten years to study and review the operations of county government and propose amendments to the Charter, instead be established for a period of ten years beginning in 2007 and ending in 2017, and thereafter, revert to being formed every ten years?
(County Charter needs more work)

Proposal 5) Salary Commission's Authority
Shall the findings of the Salary Commission establishing salaries for all councilmembers and county officers and employees who are exempt from civil service become effective, unless rejected in whole or in part, by a vote of five or more members of the Council?
NO *
(The Council should vote directly, and by simple majority, not by default)

Proposal 6) Administrator for Boards & Commissions
Shall there be a boards and commissions administrator and any necessary staff to assist in providing training, education and administrative and operational support to the various county boards and commissions?
NO *

(Another attempt to centralize power?)

Proposal 7) Number of members of Boards & Commissions
Shall all boards and commissions establish by Charter consist of seven members, including the Police Commission, Civil Service Commission, Liquor Commission and Board of Ethics?
(Wider representation)

Proposal 8) Staggered Terms for all Boards & Commissions
all members of boards and commissions established by Charter serve staggered terms of three years, including the Cost Control Commission, whose members currently serve terms ending the same time as the Mayor, and the Salary Commission, whose members currently serve terms ending at the same time as the Council?
(Less likely to have George Bush style purge of good people)

Proposal 9) Appointment to all Boards & Commissions
Shall all members of boards and commissions established by Charter be appointed by the Mayor and approved by the County Council, including the Cost Control and Salary Commissions?
NO *
(All power to the mayor? No way!)

Proposal 10) New Fire Commission
Shall there be a Fire Commission consisting of seven members who shall appoint and remove the fire chief, review and make recommendations relating to the Fire Department's annual budget and operations and hear complaints of citizens concerning the department or its personnel?

(Less political than mayor appointing chief)

Proposal 11) Signature Requirements for Referendums
Shall the requirement that each initiative or referendum petition be signed by not less than 20% of the number of eligible voters in the last general election be reduced to 5% of the eligible voters?


(More power to the people)

Proposal 12) Signature Requirements for Recalls
Shall the requirement that each recall petition be signed by not less than 20% of the voters registered in the last general election be reduced to 5%?
(More power to the people)

Proposal 13) Conflict of Interest for Council Members
Shall the Code of Ethics be amended to prohibit councilmembers from voting on a matter in which the councilmember has a conflict of interest unless the councilmember's participation is required for a quorum and subsequent vote?
(This vote flipped because of suggestion by Jonathan Jay)

Proposal 14) Licensing Requirement of County Engineer
Shall the requirement that the County Engineer be a registered engineer be removed from the Charter?
NO *
(An Engineer is an engineer like a doctor is a doctor)

Proposal 15) Mayor's Administrative Assistant Title
Shall the title of Administrative Assistant be changed to Managing Director?
NO *
(This is a joke, no?)



Baptiste Frightened of Real Election

27 September 2006 - 5:00pm HST

Bryan Baptiste (left) hugs supporter Rosie Bukoski during election-night celebration from Star Bulletin

by Juan Wilson on 27 September 2006

The primary vote held Saturday, the 23rd of September was a disappointment to me. For one thing, there was low voter turnout. On the the officials at the Hanapepe Community Center, where I voted, couldn't remember so low a turnout.

On top of that, even after all the bitching about traffic, development, property taxes, etc, the voters basically returned the same scoundrels to their jobs running the county.

There are a few things I have a beef about concerning local results. One is the uselessness of a primary that reduces 15 candidates running for County Council to 14 and the other is the Mayor thinking he can finesse a "outright victory" from what was clearly not a majority of valid ballots counted.

Below is my letter to the Garden Island News concerning these issues.


To the TGI Editor,

It may seem progressive to have a nonpartisan mayoral and council election process but it has proven to be merely an advantage to incumbents and a disadvantage to getting progressive solutions to problems facing Kauai. How so?

The primary results for seven County Council seats resulted in the field of 15 candidates slimming down to 14. This seems a mockery of the election process. Many voters must have thought it just a bother to come out for such a meaningless choice. This kind of arrangement of reducing the importance of a vote generally works to the advantage of incumbents.

In the case of the mayoral race just the opposite is true. Too much importance given to primary position results in large field of candidates... we had five candidates this time out. In a straight up general election race between the incumbent and the strongest challenger we might have had a real horse race in November... but noooo! - an incumbent (Republican) mayor who is marginally popular faced more than one progressive (Democratic) candidates and was declared winner with no need for a count in the general election by an “interpretation” by our County Clerk.

Our Charter requires that a candidate must take a majority of all votes cast in the primary to be declared outright winner. The County Clerk (not an attorney) declared Baptiste the “outright winner” in the contest. The County Clerk chose to ignore all valid ballots that did not include a vote for mayor. Even by that twisted logic Baptiste got only 50.006%, or two votes over 50% of the vote. That is a margin of one vote over the minimum. If he goes with the Clerk’s interpretation it shows the Mayor must be awfully afraid of actually running for office.

This primary vote had an embarrassing low turnout. With this, truly antidemocratic interpretation by the County Council we have entered that tortured area that won Bush his Republican victory in Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004. As it turned out after all the votes were recounted Bush lost both states and thus actually was never elected President.

I think the County Charter should be modified to not allow the election of the Mayor in a primary contest. The two top vote getters for the office should face off in the general election in November.

I urge Jesse Fukushima to challenge this primary election decision. That means going to the Hawaii Supreme Court to stay in the race. If he wins there, I think he can beat Baptiste as it becomes obvious how fearful our Mayor really is about facing the people.

Juan Wilson - Hanapepe Valley




Democratic Primary Election: Saturday, September 23

14 September 2006 - 9:00pm HST

The Old County Office Building on Rice Street in Lihue

Island Breath Picks for the Democratic Primary

by Linda Pascatore & Juan Wilson 14 September 20006

Hawaii conducts a Single Party Primary Election. Voters are allowed to vote for only one political party, which is a single color coded section on the ballot. Our readers will not be surprised that we have chosen to vote in the Democratic Primary, rather that the Republican one. Here is some voting info and the candidates, with notes on our picks:

Early Vote (Absentee/Walk In)
Starting September 11, 2006 voters registered to vote in the upcoming primary election may vote at any of the Early Vote (Absentee-Walk) sites in their respective county.
Early Voting concludes on Thursday, September 21, 2006.
Voters are reminded to bring picture identification. Location and times are as follows:
County of Kauai
Historic County Building
• 4396 Rice St., Lihue
• Monday - Saturday
• 8:00 am. - 4:00 pm

The regular Primary Vote is on Saturday, September 23rd from 7am to 6pm. Bring a picture ID. The polling places are as follows:

District 14:
Precinct 1: Hanalei Elementary School
Precinct 2: Kilauea Neighborhood Center
Precinct 3: Anahola Hawaiian Homes Clubhouse
Precinct 4: Kapaa Elementary School

Precinct 5: St. Catherine School
Precinct 6: Kapaa Neighborhood Center

District 15:
Precinct 1: Kapaa Middle School
Precinct 2: King Kaumualii Elementary School
Precinct 3: Kauai War Memorial Convention Hall
Precinct 4: Kauai High School
Precinct 5: Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School
Precinct 6: Koloa Neighborhood Center

District 16:
Precinct 1: Koloa Elementary School
Precinct 2: Kalaheo Neighborhood Center
Precinct 3: Kalaheo Elementary School (Kato Gym)
Precinct 4: Eleele Elementary School
Precinct 5: Hanapepe Recreation Center
Precinct 6: Kaumakani Neighborhood Center
Precinct 7: Waimea Neighborhood Center
Precinct 8: Kekaha Neighborhood Center

Candidates for US Senate: Vote for One Only:


*Island Breath endorses Akaka because he voted against originally authorizing Bush to use military force in Iraq. He voted against the Patriot Actas well as re-authorizing the Patriot Act. He voted and against tax cuts for the rich. He now demands a timetable for troop withdrawals. Case took the opposite stance on all of these issues.

Candidates for 2nd Congressional District: Vote for One Only:
*Island Breath endorses Hooser because of his consistently excellent record on the environment. He is also endorsed by the Sierra Club.

Candidates for Governor: Vote for One Only:

*Island Breath endorses William Aila because of his progressive stance on important issues, especially on the environment and sustainability. He has a degree in tropical agriculture. For more info, check out his website.

Candidates for Lieutenant Governor: Vote for One Only:
*Island Breath supports David Henkin, William Aila’s running mate.

Candidate for 14th House
*Island Breath support Mina Morita because of her consistent excellent record on the environment and sustainability issues.

Candidates for 15th House: Vote for One Only:
*Island Breath supports Estes because she is a long time Democrat (Tokioka changed his party affiliation from Republican to run for this seat) and because of her positions on health care, education, affordable housing, and limits on development.

Candidates for 16th House: Vote for One Only:
*Island breath endorses Rhoda Libre because of her work for the aina of Kauai in the Westside Watershed Council.

Candidates for Kauai County Council: Vote for as many as seven:
*Island Breath endorses Joann Yukimura for her good judgement on most county issues and her general progressive and environmental philosophy; and K. C. Lum for his stance on open ethical government and Tim Bynum for is liberal history on issues like the eastside bikepath. Some feel that one should only vote for those candidates you really want elected, instead of for the seven permitted, as votes for less desirable candidates may hurt your preferred candidates chances.

Candidates for Kauai County Mayor: Vote for One Only:
*Pleas Island Breath: Bruce Pleas
*Island Breath endorses Bruce Pleas because of his intelligent analysis of any problem, and his dedicated appearances at Planning Commission and other public meetings to fight for our aina. This one is a tough call, because although we support Bruce Pleas, many argue that he has no chance of winning, but that Jesse Fukushima does.

see aslo:
Island Breath: Bruce Pleas
Island Breath: Akaka vs Case
Island Breath: Current Representatives


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