Halt the Inquisition!

30 May 2006 - 10:45am

Scene from the Inquisition in Europe in the 13th Century

County Engaged in Sophistry
Carol Bain on 30 May 2006 to the Gaden Island News Forum

There are areas of County Code and Charter that are written to prevent self-dealing by those in authority. In other words, one should not use one's position of elected or appointed office to benefit themselves monetarily, such as rigging a scope of services so only you or your friend's private company wins the bid. We all understand that conflict of interest for those in a decision-making position should be prevented.

However, this implies one is in the position has the power to actually do the rigging. In this case, ("Council: Sanction Venneman" 5/27/06 p.1 TGI) Officer Venneman was not in authority to hire the police chief when he solicited opinions as a patrolman. All he was doing was expressing his opinion and advocating others to express their opinions. This does not violate the intent of the Charter or Code.

Sophistry is an argument or option which is clever and plausible, but false and misleading. This is a dangerous game that the County is engaged in, and it is damaging peoples lives and reputations.

Sophistry takes its name from the sophists of ancient Athens. It was the principal instrument which they used first to discredit, then to imprison, and finally to execute Socrates. It was big in the middle ages with the Inquisition and the burning of witches. It flourishes today in Kauai County.

The county charter and code are being used inappropriately as a premise to engage in a vendetta against all those who dare challenge the political will of those in power. It is turning into an Inquisition that serves only to keep the sophists employed. Who is next?

Carol Bain
League of Women Voters Kauai County
PO Box 1181, Lihue, HI 96766
Phone: 808-246-2111


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