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Voting Machines Elect One Of Their Own As President



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Yes We Did!

image above: Barack Obama joined on stage in Grant Park 11/4/08 from the

Regime change comes to America
by James Kunstler on 5 November 2008 in

Congratulations Sens.Barack Obama and Joe Biden !

America gets to feel okay about itself for a little while before the rigors of reality assert themselves again.

I had a rogue idea last night while watching the sequence of John McCain's fairly gracious concession speech (given the low down tone of his entire campaign, which cannot be blamed entirely on his handlers) and the stirring spectacle of the Obama rally and speech in Chicago's Grant Park (where I was gassed by the police back during the convention riots of 1968).

My rogue idea was this: what if this nation can really begin to bootstrap itself into a realistic post-oil economy? It would require not just "change," but pretty severe change -- in essence accepting the reality of a way-of-life based not on "growth" but on fruitful activity, because that's where we're headed whether we like it or not. It will be interesting to see if President Obama can discover that reality for himself and lead a government that might guide a people through that dark passage.

video above: Barack Obama takes the stage in Chicago 11/4/08 from the



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Yes We Can!

video above: "Yes We Can " music video by Black Eyed Peas''s 2/2/08 on YouTube.come

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Murdoch saw Obama landslide
(last May)

image above: close-yp of Ruprtry Murdochin 2007 at

by Reuters 30 May 2008 in The Australian Times

Rupert Murdoch has predicted a Democratic landslide in the US presidential election against a gloomy economic backdrop over the next 18 months and described Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama as a "rock star".
Mr Murdoch, chairman and chief executive of News Corporation, which owns The Australian, has yet to endorse a US presidential candidate but considers Barack Obama very promising, he told two Wall Street Journal reporters yesterday.

News Corp recently acquired ownership of the Journal and its parent company, Dow Jones. "You have got the Obama phenomenon. You have got, undoubtedly, a recession ... The average American is really getting hurt financially and that all bodes well for him (Obama)," Mr Murdoch said.

"You have probably the making of a complete phenomenon in this country," he said in describing what he predicted would be a sweeping victory for Democrats in November.

Mr Murdoch said senators Obama and John McCain, the Republican Party nominee, both had a lot of problems, but Senator McCain would be hurt by his party and his close ties to Washington. While Senator McCain was a "decent guy", he was "unpredictable" and "didn't know much about the economy", he added.

Race would be an issue for Senator Obama, who would be the first black US president, but "it looks like he overcomes that, overcomes that totally".
Mr Murdoch is associated with conservative political views but has a reputation for a pragmatic streak in major national races where he has shown a willingness to switch sides when he detects major political changes afoot.

Mr Murdoch said he was not yet backing anyone in the 2008 presidential race, but then quickly added: "I want to meet Obama. I want to know if he's going to walk the walk."



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It Has Been Decided - Obama Landslide

image above: Electoral Map displaying huge landslide for Barack Obama

by Jonathan Jay on 26 October 2008

Still not clear to you yet?

Look at the way the wind is blowing and the way the sails have already been set.
Look at the smart money and the serious players; those levers have already been pulled. Look at Colin Powell, Scott McClellen, Lincoln Chaffee... with high profile Republicans like these publicaly lining up behind the candidacy of Barack Obama, where is the contest in this election?

Answer: Even if they haven't yet got the memo, John Sydney McCain III and the Wicked Witch of Wasilla have already gone down in flames. Neither fraudulent black-box vote manipulation nor poll-evading closed-curtain crypto-racism can stem the tide.

What are those two words? Obama Landslide.

What does the Obama Landslide electoral spread look like on the ground?
See website Real Clear Politics is presently showing Obama/Biden 306, McCain/Palin 157 with 75 "Too close to call".

However, as McCain continues to flail, the trend is with Obama. You can expect his eventual total will be larger. The only question is how much.

If the votes cast were actually to be equal to the votes counted, the Obama Landslide would be positively Reaganesque. However, even with the 'Bradley Effect' and good old-fashioned Diebold-style hanky-panky flushing away several million votes, Obama should still be able to retain something close to a double-digit spread in the popular vote, netting him 350 or more electoral votes. Since he only needs 270 to win, that's how much of an Obama Landslide. What ever Obama wants - Obama gets; Obamandate.

So why am I not cheering? Consider a President that:

• Intends to increase the scope of the Global War on Terror
• Wants to increase the pentagon's budget to "rebuild the military"
• Promises to build more nuclear power plants to keep feeding our power habit
• Strongly endorsed the $700 Billion blank-check to Wall Street

Whose planks are these - George Bush? John McCain?? Yes twice! And guess who else? Barack Obama!

Surprised? Well, then you haven't been listening to what the man says. News flash - Barack Obama is every bit the fervent supporter of the American Imperial Project as all the rest of our previous presidents (elected and otherwise). Never the less, many will stress at least Obama is neither Bush nor McCain. Faint praise indeed.

Flash forward. What will be the feeling in America the morning /after/ the Obama Landslide? A nervous twitching countdown of the days till January 20th 2009... when all the outrageous pardons are over... when the Cheney root canal may finally begin... when there may - or may not be - an Obama Inauguration. A lot can happen in 77 days.


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