POSTED: 9 November 2004 - 10:00am

By individual county it looks even worse

This is a USA Today map of election results by county. Needless to say, the red counties went to Bush and the blue counties went to Kerry. Gray areas are yet to report and Alaska is not included. Besides a plurality of the popular vote there is a tremendous difference in real estate. Kerry's vote was to a great extent in areas of population concentration.

Besides a few large counties in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and the Texas Mexican border area, most of Kerry's support came from population centers along the West Coast, Mississippi River, and Northeast Atlantic coasts. In other words, where the cities are. People in cities are more concerned with the environment, gun control, civil liberties and other issues ignored by the Bush supporters. Also, average people in cities don't control much real estate.

Not even counting Alaska, Bush won counties that have over 2.5 million square miles of area. Kerry won counties that control only .5 million square miles. This is a 5 to 1 ratio and is worse than the disproportionate Blue State-Red State map would indicate. It gives Bush popular control over 80% of American soil - much of it wilderness.This can only be bad news for environmentalists and wildlife.

Given the sentiment of the country there are new goals we could work to achieve. Succession of the blue states to Canada has been discussed. Here in Hawaii I suggest we start in earnest looking into the Sovereignty Movement.

A new map of North AMerica making it around the interent inthe last few days.



POSTED: 3 November 2004 - 7:00am

Kerry concedes Bush victory in election

The winning team

America seems to have lost its mind

Either that or I really don't get it. I must have lost touch the people around me and the country at large. It seems that there are forces at work I don't see and can't feel but are powerful enough to be controlling the fate of the world with an iron grip. There is evidence that I should be paying attention to things I am missing. Here's an example of what I mean.

I should explain that I live in a rural area in a valley on an outer island in the Hawaiian chain. Yesterday I was on my front porch and a ten year old neighbor boy came over on his bike. This kid likes our driveway because it's long and shaded with no traffic. At the end of the driveway is my carport with a hose bib he can get a drink from and a tire pump and some tools that he sometimes uses to tune up his bike.

After getting a drink of water he hung out a few minutes. He asked me what I did that day (Election Day) and I told him I went and voted. He asked me who I voted for and I told him Kerry. His reaction was "He sucks!"

I was shocked. Hawaii is a traditional stronghold for Democrats. His parents are ethnic Hawaiian stock. In my opinion the Hawaiians are a group that is not well served by the Republican agenda. For their own self interest I would have guessed that his parents were Democrats. For him to have uttered these words it seems likely that the sentiment was something he had heard from his elders at home or peers on the school grounds. In either case, it was sentiment that he felt comfortable with.

For some the End Times are just what the doctor ordered

It seems like many traditional Democrats across the country are listening to another drummer than the Democratic party. Part of the message they are listening to tells them to reject homosexuality and people from far away. Tells them to be angry about high gas prices and people with different religious values. Tells them that the End Times are near and we have to fight Evil in all its manifestations. It is a dramatic and apocalyptic vision that the Bush people are preaching. People believe it without realizing that the drama and apocalypse are being created by Bush himself.

The times are calling for tolerance, humbleness, hard work and vision. What we are getting is hubris. There are some that say four more years of Bush Policy would be good in that those years will bring the nation so far down it will have to turn to a better way of doing things. That will be a painful way to learn the error of our ways. It may be too late to turn around global warming or find alternatives to the profound problems that face mankind. We will have faced the apocalypse and embraced it.

The Green's say "Think Globally - Act Locally"
It may be time to do as the Greens say and not as they do. By that I mean work on local issues and forget national politics. Don't waste the time and energy to run candidates on a national ticket who have no hope of winning office (Nader).

Become active in Kauai business and development issues. Stop the corporations from over-running our island and destroying local culture. Take on local contests that pit money against aloha. "Think globally and act locally" means looking at the Big Picture while solving the problems in your community. There is plenty of work to be done.

Cut and Run Prediction
My prediction is that Bush will really punish the towns of Faluja and Ramadi. He's been building up to kicking some ass in Iraq and now is the time to do it (between the US and Iraq elections). You are going to see "Shock and Awe" all over again. Thousands of Iraqis may die. Hundreds of Americans. Once the carnage is over Bush Inc. will declare "Mission Accomplished II" and pull out of Iraq right after the elections.

Night of the Living Dead
Have you ever seen a movie of this genre? It goes like this. You wake up to find the house empty. Outside you hear breaking glass and screams. Soon you realize that the dead have arisen and are eating the living. The destruction spreads fast. As each living neighbor and friend falls they arise with only a desire to find you and make you one of them.

The Bush zombies are going to think they have an mandate to destroy everything in their path. Resist them.
It won't be a "Kinder - Gentler America" as Bush One promised and Bush Two won't be a "Passionate Conservative". We are in for a bumpy ride.


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